A message from the Board of Directors

    On behalf of the board of directors, management and players, we wish to place on record our appreciation of your outstanding support during the 2023/24 season.

    Our goal was to secure a top seven finish and another opportunity at promotion through the play-offs, however performances and results, particularly since the turn of the year, have been below the level required to achieve this.

    Everyone has worked tirelessly to recapture the form of the first half of the season, which saw us sitting in the top three and reach the FA Cup First Round Proper for the first time since 2013, but we have fallen short of our target.

    We understand your disappointment, and that this feels like a backward step, but we are confident the lessons learned, and barriers encountered, will ensure we are better equipped for 2024/25.

    Everyone remains committed to the goal of promotion and making the club ‘National League ready’ on and off the field, so that when it is achieved, we will be able to consolidate and then progress again.

    As supporters and owners, we need to be prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a fan-owned, community club. We have achieved a huge amount in 14 years, and can continue to do so, but the more unified we are, the greater our chances.

    It goes without saying that as Chester fans, we have experienced the very worst of private ownership, and collectively we have built a club that we should be proud of, but this does not mean the door is closed. If a serious and credible offer is received, the board will bring this to the members for discussion and a vote. But until then, we plan to work tirelessly to push our club forwards, meeting challenges head on and making the most of our strengths, including you, the fans.

    The board is continually striving to grow the playing budget, but this must be done sustainably to ensure we remain a debt-free club. While we may not be able to match what other clubs can spend, often running up huge losses, we strongly believe this shouldn’t temper our ambitions, but strengthen our resolve to fulfil them. For Chester to get back to the National League, we must be a club that punches above its weight, one built on hard work, resilience and togetherness. These are values shared by our manager and Calum’s determination to bring success to the club is unmatched.

    The work to ready ourselves for the 2024/25 season is well underway, and over the coming weeks, we will provide updates on retention, recruitment, pre-season and a number of initiatives that will help reignite our progress.

    It will take all of us to achieve this. Ours is a unique football club and its biggest asset is our supporters. Every penny you contribute, whether buying a season ticket, renewing your CFU membership, or donating to Boost the Budget, makes us stronger, but even more important is your incredible backing home and away, which can make the difference for the team.

    Thank you again for your loyal, unwavering support this season, which we never take for granted.

    Together we can do this.

    – The Board of City Fans United