BOOST THE BUDGET | Exclusive pin badge for Tier 2 pledgers!

    Over the next few days, we will reveal the designs for certain rewards gained when pledging to our Boost the Budget scheme!

    We are pleased to now reveal the design for our limited edition pin badge for 2023/24, which is exclusive to all pledgers to Tier 2 (£10 per month) and above!

    The gold badge design is the latest in the line of hugely popular pin badges unique to the Boost the Budget scheme. For just £10 per month you get this, as well as entry into our 12 fan experience draws and you’d be donating a child Season Ticket with your pledge!

    Thanks to Heritage Leisure Designs Ltd for creating the badge. Visit their website: HERE

    Plus, this year also sees the debut of an exclusive limited edition Chester FC Magazine you’d be able to get your hands on at the end of the season. Take advantage of the rewards scheme and sign up today!


    Boost the Budget 2023/24 runs from Monday 22nd May until Friday 30th June.

    You can make a one-off donation or choose to contribute monthly via Direct Debit to your selected Tier – with Boost the Budget rewards for everyone paying above £5 per month or the equivalent one-off payment.

    The tiers are: Our City, Our Community, Our Club, Club Hero, and Club Legend – and each tier brings additional rewards as you raise your contribution.

    Contribution Levels and Rewards Scheme