Boost the Budget needs All Of Us!

    Our latest Boost the Budget update has us beyond the £86,000 mark as we look to hit Target 100k for our playing budget.

    With the scheme running until the end of the month, our message remains the same: it is going to take All Of Us to achieve our goals in Boost the Budget.

    With 1,600 Season Tickets sold, your support and dedication is unmatched. Hitting our target in BTB is crucial – and it could just be as simple as spreading the word.

    Make sure your fellow Seals know how far a £5 per month Direct Debit pledge or a one-off payment could go. If 200 more Seals pledged to Tier 1 today, we would be within touching distance of our target.

    We have 494 pledgers at present and we had over 700 last season – so it is vital we drive that number up.

    Plus there’s rewards for you to claim across the season based off the size of your pledge or donation; such as Bucket Hats, Pick the Playlist Opportunities, Director for a Day and much more!

    Set up your Direct Debit and have a browse of the rewards on offer here: CLICK HERE

    And all of our pledgers from 23/24 will be able to pick up their Exclusive BTB Magazine later this month!

    Perhaps you can even make a difference with helping us get companies on board as part of our Business Tier. The new £2,000+VAT tier has already been kindly taken up by T&L Leasing, but the more businesses we get to join, the better our playing budget will be!

    Here’s an example of the exposure the brand will get – plus there are some great prizes to be claimed by companies to further promote to our incredible fanbase.

    You can find all of the Business Tier info on our BTB page: CLICK HERE

    “The Boost the Budget campaign is really important and it’s vital that our supporters understand how we use the money. It isn’t a case of me being handed a recruitment kitty at the end of the campaign and off I pop to spend it, it is an ongoing process and the initial response from supporters will allow us to act positively in the coming weeks having made such an impressive start. We have a huge fanbase and increasing the amount of contributors to the campaign will be a huge part of its success.”

    Calum McIntyre, Manager.

    Like everything at our football club, it’s going to take All Of Us – so let’s hit #Target100k together!