EXCLUSIVE | CEO Mark Maguire speaks following today’s announcement

    Blues Chief Executive Mark Maguire had this to say following today’s statement.

    Dear All,

    Obviously this is a very difficult time personally but it is important for me to say that I respect the decision of the board and above all Chester FC comes first.

    I have gone about my work here with passion and commitment and feel hugely disappointed that results couldn’t have been better and consequently the job a little smoother.

    Chester FC is about the fans and the community. It’s a really challenging time with the landscape having completely changed in the last five years in the National League and indeed Conference North. Clubs are subject to significant investment which makes competing ever more difficult.

    The club will survive and succeed only by a number of things coming together. Firstly the support, in numbers, of fans turning up regardless of frustration on the pitch – because the reality is extra crowds equal extra revenue equal a more competitive budget. Secondly the continued support of fantastic sponsors like MBNA, Swansway, Red Insure, Swettenham Chemists and so many more – it has been my desire to deliver value to these companies and not take for granted their support. I’m sure the club will continue to strive to deliver commercial value for these important partners in years to come.

    Finally the people. For all of the challenges, all of the struggles and let’s be honest a fair amount of criticism out there, what should never be ignored is that there are a large number of people, employees, management, backroom staff, players and volunteers who give so much to the club and without whom it simply wouldn’t function. It has been both an honour and a privilege to work with these people over the last couple of years and I do hope that they will ultimately get their rewards and some recognition for all they do.

    I passionately believe in the club and will give every ounce of energy I have to help until my last day. Those charged with running the club do so with privilege as custodians for the wider fan base. The danger is we forget that as well as all of the politics, and shall we say constructive opinion, this is, after all, a football club and people want to enjoy the football.

    I will finish by imploring everyone out there, whether they be floating fans, disgruntled ex-season ticket holders or simply lovers of football, to get behind the club in which ever way you can – simply buying a ticket has a material impact – and cheer on Marcus and a group of lads who will do all they can to fight for survival over the coming weeks.

    The board need your support as do the players and staff, and if the club can rediscover the feeling from which it was born, then the future can be very bright indeed.

    Thanks for the privilege,

    Mark Maguire