NEWS | Chester FC confirm Play-Off Semi Final ticketing information

    Chester FC can now confirm ticketing information for our National League North play-off semi-final, taking place at the Deva Stadium on Sunday 7th May (3.30pm).

    There will be individual sales windows for 2022/23 Season Ticket Holders (inclusive of Cestrian XIs), then City Fans United (CFU) and Junior Blues members, followed by a General Sale. 

    Supporters are advised that allocated seating will be in place for the Play-Off campaign.

    Sales windows and key information are as follows:

    Season Ticket Holders

    • Sales commence 10am Wednesday 26th April 
    • Sales end 8pm Sunday 30th April 

    CFU Members

    • Sales commence 10am Monday 1st May  
    • Sales end 8pm Tuesday 2nd May  

    General Sale

    • Sales commence online 10am Wednesday 3rd May

    Ticket Prices

    Advanced ticket prices are in place for this match in line with National League North matches this season, with the discount price being available until 11.59pm on Saturday 6th May. 

    Office Opening Hours 

    The Ticket Office will be open for sales during normal opening hours, which are 10am to 4pm from Monday to Friday. We can also confirm the Deva will be open on both Sunday 30th April and Monday 1st May between 10am and 3pm for Season Ticket Holders and then CFU members to purchase their tickets in person. 


    If you are a Season Ticket Holder, please follow the below guide to ensure you can purchase your ticket: 


    From 10am Wednesday 26th April, head to the Chester FC ticketing site at

    Step 1: Log into the account you have purchased your season ticket with and go to the ‘My Account’ area, which can be found in the header menu.  

    Step 2: Select ‘Convert Reservation’ under the Reserved Items option. If you have purchased season tickets for others at the start of 22/23, you will see match ticket reservations for those people too.  

    Step 3: Select the ticket(s) that you would like to purchase and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.  Your ticket(s) will be added to the cart for you to purchase. 

    Step 4: Review your order and click on ‘Confirm & Pay’.  

    Step 5: Enter your payment details at the checkout as normal. 

    After purchasing, you will receive an order confirmation email and a separate ticket delivery email with your match ticket(s) attached.    

    Telephone sales at the Ticket Office 

    To assist the Ticket Office volunteers, please have your SEAL number ready – this is the number on your Season Ticket card. The telephone number to call is 01244 371376.

    In person sales at the Ticket Office

    To assist the Ticket Office volunteers, please have your SEAL number ready – this is the number on your Season Ticket card.

    Please note that at 8pm on Sunday 30th April, any remaining seat reservations will be removed and made available for purchase in the CFU members sales window commencing at 10am on Monday 1st May, and general sales commencing at 10am on Wednesday 3rd May (subject to availability).  

    If you have not purchased a ticket for your existing seat via the ‘Convert Reservation’ process above by 8pm on Sunday 30th April, then we will not be able to prevent your seat from being purchased by somebody else.


    The CFU member sales window will commence at 10am on Monday 1st May and end at 8pm on Tuesday 2nd May. 

    Further information will be made available later this week, but any existing CFU member wishing to purchase a ticket needs to have a SEAL number on the Chester FC Box Office.  

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSQ: I’ve never been on the Chester FC Box Office so how do I know my SEAL number?  

    A: If you have had a ticket purchased for you in your name, then we can check this for you. Please email with your name and date of birth and we can search this for you. We will then add your email address onto your Box Office account and send you an activation email that allows you to set a password against the account and add your personal details.  

    Q: How many tickets will I be able to buy?  

    A: When tickets are made available, there will be a limit of one ticket per CFU member. You will be able to purchase other CFU/Junior Blue members but only if you have their SEAL numbers available. 

    Q. I’m a CFU member but haven’t registered or had a ticket purchased for me before, so how do I register?

    A: Please register here: – Please note your SEAL number down as this will be required when it comes to the sales window. Once registered, please email with your SEAL number so we can update your Box Office account with a CFU members tag.

    Q. I am a Season Ticket Holder and a CFU Member. Will I be able to purchase two tickets?

    A: Yes. You will be able to purchase your existing seat during the Season Ticket sales window and a second ticket during the CFU members sales window.

    If you are a CFU member that has renewed or recently joined, and register a Chester FC Box Office account in the next seven days, you will need to email to ensure that your account can be updated as a CFU member before the sales window.

    All Junior Blues members will automatically have the Junior Blues tag on their SEAL numbers as they will have been purchased directly through the Box Office. 


    The General Sale window will commence at 10am on Wednesday 3rd May. Advance prices will end at 11.59pm on Saturday 6th May. 

    Further information will be made available in due course. There will be a limit of two tickets per person, again subject to availability.As per the CFU members sales window, it is advisable to have already registered on the Chester FC Box Office using the above link as this will speed up your opportunity to purchase your tickets. 

    For any questions, please email and we will endeavour to answer as quickly as possible.