PRESS CALL | Passionate Marcus Bignot issues call to arms

    The Blues boss put in a rallying call in yesterday’s weekly press conference – as he faced questions from Dee 106.3, Chester Chronicle and Leader.

    Marcus on…Guiseley heartbreak:

    “I was gutted for the players to be honest. We wanted the three points and deserved them – so to drop two points in the manner we did made me devastated for the boys. The senior players stepped up to the mark and the youngsters played with freedom. I was delighted for 93 minutes of the game – but you see it up and down the country. For us there were so many positives to take from that game and what I saw rejuvenated me.”

    Marcus on…tomorrow’s trip to Ebbsfleet:

    “We analysed it yesterday and the lads have been a joy to work with. We can’t wait to get going tomorrow. For us, it’s an opportunity to take so many positives from the last game. If they show the mentality and desire they did against Guiseley then I have no doubt it’ll be a positive weekend for us. We’re facing a David vs Goliath situation which we spoke about. We believe within. We have a cause. We need everyone to get behind the cause. We’re up for it and we’re ready for it. My message hasn’t changed since the day I walked into the football club. This is going to go right down to the last month of the season.”

    Marcus on…having the belief:

    “I’ve certainly got the belief. It’s about inspiring the people around us now. We have to play our part – and we put in a performance on Monday. There’s been some home truths. The seniors have to step up and we’ve introduced accountability. There’s consequences if we don’t get a performance. Not always are you going to get the results – we saw some bad luck on Monday with things like the disallowed goal. The players have stepped up – and that’s really re-energised me. I have massive belief in them. The last performance showed we are ready for the fight and ready for the task in hand.”

    Marcus on…putting the wrongs right:

    “You have to address the last minute of the Guiseley game. We have to put the wrongs right. But that can’t be the main focus. We have to take away that we put in 93 minutes of a winning performance. Our senior players have come under criticism – rightly so – but you can’t criticise them for Monday’s effort. Our youngsters were able to play in an environment where they were able to flourish and we created that from within. But everyone has to come together now.”

    Marcus on…January:

    “Some clubs in this position can completely overhaul their squad – we can’t. We have these group of players and I believe in them. The business we did was needs must. There will be more of these situations in this window. It looks like now we are all going in the right direction and we want this. The National League North is an animal now so we have to do everything we can to stay up. It will be the biggest achievement in the history of this football club, believe me. January will show you the reality of us in this division. But that doesn’t mean we will wave the white flag – in fact it drives me on because it can be so good going forward. We are in a David and Goliath situation – and by hook and crook everyone has to play their part in keeping this club up. It’s my biggest challenge as a Manager but it’s the one I’m going to enjoy the most. The perception of this football club is so different to the reality – we’re doing really well to stay in this league. But in the future we can bring in new ideas and we can recreate, evolve and forward think. If there’s one thing I’m not bad at its building football clubs!”

    Marcus on…behind the scenes:

    “We’ve got some good people here at the football club. There’s even more out there that want to help that are good enough. I urge every good person to get involved with the club. Chester FC can be one day be competing at the other end of the table again. But the right here, right now is a call to arms and about remaining in this league.”

    Marcus on…safety:

    “If we remain in this league, I tell you what there will be a free for all round my house!”