READ | A message from Durham Police ahead of tomorrow’s game

    Chester Football Club would like to share the following message from Durham Police ahead of tomorrow’s game at Darlington…

    Chief Inspector Stephanie Bird said: “Supporters of both clubs will recall that there was an incident that took place in Darlington last year immediately prior to the Darlington v Chester match.

    “Although this involved only a minority of attendees, and lasted only a couple of minutes, it put the safety and enjoyment of both supporters, and our community at risk. I have increased patrols in and around Darlington throughout the day on Saturday with Operational Football Officers on the lookout for any indications of repeat behaviour at this weekend’s game.

    “Additional officers will be tasked with patrolling the event and the area of Darlington before, during and after the match, to engage with and reassure our Darlington community and supporters coming to enjoy the game. Durham Constabulary will not tolerate any disorderly behaviour.

    “We hope that everybody in attendance can enjoy the game, and hope that it will be one to remember for the right reasons.”

    We fully support the above message and ask our supporters to behave responsibly this weekend.