Saturday is our Mental Health and Wellbeing Focus Fixture

    This Saturday’s game against Spennymoor Town at the Leap76 Stadium is our Mental Health and Wellbeing fixture.

    We are focusing on mental health this weekend and showcasing the work some of our partners do in the local community and beyond.

    Platform for Life

    We are a Chester based charity, offering free, accessible, community based mental health and wellbeing services such as counselling, art and play therapy support to families; adults (parents/carers), children and young people living in relative poverty who are experiencing mental health issues.

    We offer our clients specialist, high-quality care that makes a difference.

    Our focus is on strengthening family relationships and creating more stable and nurturing environments for children. Our aim is to stop the cycle of poor mental health being passed down from one generation to the next and through early intervention, to stop poor mental health becoming a life-long disability.   As such, we often work with one or more members of a family to help improve their mental health.

    We work in multiple venues in Blacon and Lache where our clients live. Giving clients a choice about where to be seen in their community, means there’s no transport issues or bus fares to find.

    Working with Platform for Life has led to significant changes in clients’ lives; building more positive family and peer relationships; accessing education, applying for work and feeling more able to deal with other challenges in their life.

    We accept referrals GPs, health visitors and other agencies working in the community. We also offer parents/carers the option of referring themselves and/or another family member into our service.

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    Nuffield Health

    Driven by our purpose to build a healthier nation, our experts have been working together for more than 60 years to make the nation fitter, healthier, happier and stronger.

    We achieve this through our industry-leading network of 37 hospitals, 114 fitness and wellbeing centres, medical centres and workplace wellbeing facilities. We believe that the best healthcare should help prevent illness by looking after mind and body. Our holistic wellbeing offering spans physical and mental health — from personal training, health assessments, GP services, and physiotherapy to providing mental health support or hospital treatments for serious conditions. We also use our expertise to support the NHS and help people to prevent illness and injury, working in collaboration with all parts of the health service.

    What makes us truly different is our commitment to our unique flagship programmes, where we respond to developing national unmet health and wellbeing needs in local communities and widen access to our services, experts and resources to give more people the tools to live a healthy life. Our flagships help young people understand and improve their own health, help people living with joint pain, and, most recently, help rehabilitate people experiencing the long-term effects from COVID-19. Through all our education, research and flagships we are building the evidence base for a holistic approach to healthcare that helps prevent physical and mental illness in the future.

    As a trading charity, we do not fundraise and we invest all our income back into our purpose to build a healthier nation. With our purpose at the heart of everything we do, we always focus on the wider impact of our actions on our people, on those who benefit from our flagship programmes, on local communities and on the environment. “

    Nuffield Health Chester Hospital, The Grosvenor is committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patients. Our hospital is located on the outskirts of Chester and provides a wide range of services including outpatient care, inpatient care, surgery, pathology services and diagnostics. To help promote the importance of health and wellbeing we are able to offer the local community, health education, outreach sessions and complimentary patient events.

    We also have an on-site Fitness & Wellbeing centre, which offers a range of services including a gym, swimming pool, health assessments, health screenings, physiotherapy and classes.

    We are pleased to be able to offer a regular Private GP service. We know the importance of seeing a GP face to face rather than over the telephone, our GPs are experienced in a wide range of medical conditions and can offer advice and treatment on a range of health issues.

    Make sure you purchase a copy of The Cestrian Programme this weekend, as there will be an exclusive offer 7 day pass to the Nuffield! Scan the QR code inside to claim your pass.

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    Chester FC Community Trust

    Chester FC Community Trust’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Football is an award-winning programme supporting men and women who have experienced a mental health problem.

    Weekly football sessions run in Chester and Ellesmere Port, with opportunities for participants to play for teams representing Chester FC in the Cheshire Ability Counts Football League, attend Chester FC matches as a reward for their involvement in the project.

    The project aims to reduce social isolation and offers participants opportunities to make friends and keep fit in a welcoming environment and talk about their problems without stigma, seek advice and access additional support. In addition to physical health benefits, evidence shows regular exercise is beneficial for mental health and well-being too, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem and reduce risk of depression.

    If you would like to make a donation to help towards the costs of Chester FC Mental Health & Wellbeing Football sessions, you can do so at