Chester Exiles make donation to support the Blues!

    The Chester Exiles have recently made a £500 donation to help the Build Baz’s Budget!

    As most exiled fans were unable to attend the fundraising evening held in the Cestrian in November, Windsor based exile Peter Clifford contacted Mike Barrow to offer some help on behalf of the Exiles.

    Some of the Exiles are pictured with General Manager, Albert Davies, at the presentation to Groundsman, Mike Barrow aka Baz, who proudly wheeled out his new line marker at half time during the recent home game against Curzon Ashton.

    Pictured from left to right are Rob Evans, Peter Clifford, Mike Barrow (Groundsman), Pauline Meakins, Albert Davies, Robin Barnes, Mark and John Stanford.

    About the Chester Exiles

    The Chester Exiles were first formed as the Chester Southern Supporters Club in November 1983 when four Chester fans living in the London area got together to form the new southern branch.

    The name was changed to the Chester Exiles a few years later to reflect the many Chester supporters living further afield in Great Britain and Ireland and those overseas too.

    Today there are over 600 Chester Exiles in the UK and worldwide currently signed up as members.

    Since the pandemic and while Chester continue to play in a northern based league, the Exiles keep in touch mainly via zoom meetings and a newsletter sent out by email, this enables far flung fans in Europe and even the US to keep in touch.  They also arrange meeting pubs before some away matches where a good turnout is expected.

    Highlights of some of the zoom meetings have been guest speakers including Calum McIntyre, Colin Woodthorpe, Mike Allcock and Jim Green and are looking forward to more guest appearances in the future.

    To become an official Chester Exile, you only need to join City Fans United (CFU) then you automatically become a Chester Exile if your postcode falls outside an area approximately 20 miles away from the city of Chester.

    You can join CFU here!

    If you have any questions or would like to connect with the Chester Exiles, please contact the Exiles Chair, Pauline Meakins email

    Everyone at Chester FC would like to say a massive thank you to the Exiles for their continued support!