Club Statement

    Chester Football Club is dismayed at the decision of The FA and the Premier League to change the format of The FA Cup, without consideration of the consequences their actions will have on clubs such as ours.

    The scrapping of replays from the first round proper onwards denies clubs access to much-needed revenue from gate receipts and broadcast fees, but also means supporters and players will have far fewer opportunities to create the unforgettable memories for which the competition is so revered.

    It is deeply concerning that these changes have been announced without consulting the 144 clubs who make up the English Football League and National League, nor the hundreds across the football pyramid who enter the FA Cup each season. This demonstrates an alarming lack of respect for the wider game and its fans, and reinforces the urgent need for a strong Independent Football Regulator.

    We urge The FA and the Premier League to listen to the concerns of clubs and supporters, suspend the changes and commence a full and proper consultation with all stakeholders.

    – The City Fans United Board.