CLUB STATEMENT | Financial implications of COVID-19

    This weekend sees the first of what will hopefully be a number of fundraising events for the Club as we deal, like the rest of society, with the fall out associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The final financial implications of COVID-19 are in the process of being calculated but include a range of issues beyond the Clubs’ control such as the postponement of our final league games – alongside the associated loss of matchday income these would generate – the cancellation of the end of season awards event, cancellation of scheduled Liverpool WSL Fixtures and several other income generating initiatives which can no longer take place. 

    Once these calculations have been concluded they will be shared with the National League and with the CFU members at the earliest opportunity.

    What however is apparent even at this preliminary stage is that the current financial situation faced by the Club is every bit as serious as the financial challenge faced by the Club in 2018.

    Whilst as a football club we are not unique in facing financial challenges at this time – it should be remembered that as a fan owned Club we are unable to enter into debt and remain reliant on our supporter base to fund the Club.

    As Chester FC supporters might be aware, we operate with a limited cash reserve and the preliminary projections show that these reserves are likely to be spent in the foreseeable future and without injection of capital prior to the 2020/21 season we are left in a situation where the Club may not be able to fulfil its financial obligations.

    As such, we ask all supporters to contribute generously to this weekends fundraising event as well as all up coming fundraising initiatives to ensure that our Club can continue through this difficult time.

    We remain in dialogue with National League around both from a Footballing perspective around arrangements for this season and in regards to any potential financial support that maybe forthcoming via them. 

    What however is becoming apparent is that Footballing rivalry for this season in Non-League has become a battle for survival rather than success on the pitch.   

    Naturally we will endeavour to keep supporters and CFU members up to date on these developments, however in the interim we encourage our fanbase and the wider Football Family to support the Club which can be done either financially via “Back the Blues” link or through the offer of skills. experience or ideas via email to