IN IT TOGETHER | Players speak of importance of fundraising scheme

    We asked some Chester FC players to discuss the importance of the #InItTogether campaign, raising funds for the play-offs.

    Scott Burton

    “As a team we want to finish something we have started.

    “If that means to play for free we’re willing to do that for the Gaffers, the club and most importantly the fans.

    “With what they the fans are doing boosting the budget donating so much money it is the very least we can do.”

    Kev Roberts

    “With the club being fan owned, I think it is great to see everyone doing their bit raising funds.

    “The fans have been class; you only have to look at the incredible first few weeks of Boost the Budget. The lads got involved in that too by doing their bit.

    “We wanted to do whatever was possible to take part in the Play-Offs, but we need our incredible supporters to make the difference in this latest fundraiser to give us a real chance.

    “It means a lot to us to play for Chester Football Club, and hopefully we can show that even more on the pitch come the Play-Offs.”

    Jamie Morgan

    “We’d be nowhere without the fans support and the #InItTogether campaign is going to be vital and any help we can get is brilliant.

    “You might not be able to cheer us on from the stands – but we’ll know you are right behind us!

    “We’re a fan owned club and a big family, and us players didn’t hesitate with our decision to put the club and success for the fans before anything else.

    “What a club, and what a set of lads. Up the Seals!”

    Danny Elliott

    “From the moment I arrived at Chester, I could feel that it is was different to most other clubs.

    “It has a unique environment, being fan owned, and that sense of togetherness throughout the group of players, managers and fans, all desperate for success, has been so apparent on so many occasions this season.

    “Every single person throughout the club is pulling in the same direction, and what we all want is almost tangible, so now more than ever it is so important we all do everything we can to give ourselves the best chance.

    “We want to get the club where we want it to be, from fans, to staff to players, as we are #InItTogether.”

    George Waring

    “As players we know how much the club means to the fans and how much promotion would mean.

    “We all wish that we could have finished the season and had the fans in the stadiums for the playoff games as I know the Chester fans would have been right behind us creating a great atmosphere.

    “I think it’s become apparent at Chester with the fans building the budget and the players and staff playing for free that we really are in it all together and everyone really cares about the club.

    “Whatever happens in playoffs let’s keep the momentum we are building going into next season.

    “Up the Seals!”