PRESS CALL | Marcus Bignot speaks ahead of Gateshead game

    Here’s what the Blues boss had to say in his weekly press conference – as he faced questions from Dee 106.3, Chester Chronicle and Leader.

    Marcus on…bouncing back from East Thurrock defeat

    “As always, we’ve generally had a good response after a defeat. We need to transfer the impressive league away form in 2018 over to the Swansway – and turning our home fortunes around. We have to keep believing in what we’re doing. We’re seeing signs of that – the three league games have shown everyone that the fight is on. We are always challenging the group to be better. With this group it is largely psychological. It’s been a good start to 2018 in the League and we want to keep it going.”

    Marcus on…Gary Roberts’ red card

    “I’ve looked at the tackle. Any supporter in that ground, he would have got a rousing cheer for that tackle. He went in, wholly committed, with no other thought than to go and win the ball. He did win the ball – but it was a very strong challenge. There was a doubt, it wasn’t 100% clear cut to appeal. Playing the game, that type of tackle, no one can question why he made the tackle. I’m fully behind him. I keep thinking about the pass just before where he split their whole team down the middle to put Ross in one v one. He’s a talent, and been good since he’s come in.”

    Marcus on…the relegation battle

    “I’m not trying to be Mystic Meg, but from the moment we walked in we said that December and January are going to be critical in terms of which direction we are going. With recent results there are a lot of believers. Likewise, we get a few who are non-believers, and that is fine. We’ve got an important week. We are fighting against all the odds. We have limitations, but they actually might work in our favour. We are creating that togetherness.”

    Marcus on…the environment

    “The environment is going to be absolutely key. Not just in the dressing room, but also home and away – on and off the pitch. For us, we’ve always known we’re going to be in a relegation battle and we know we are going to the last month of the season with it. We’re geared up and we are prepared. We have the possibility to make some inroads, and the possibility of being out of the bottom four by the end of this month is big. Those teams coming into the run in, they might not be prepared. For us, we won’t put the club at stake whereas others are doing it by any means necessary. But what an achievement it will be.”

    Marcus on…January transfers

    “For us, the priority is the players we have in terms of our loan players. We have to get them committed to the end of the season, which will be key. There might be one or two leaving. For us that’s the only way we get new faces in. That might happen over the next couple of days or couple of weeks. The last few games we’ve only been able to call on 16 players really. You have to have targets in mind as a Manager. Although we can’t do much business, it doesn’t stop you keeping an eye out. We will be prepared.”

    Marcus on…Jordan Archer’s fitness ahead of Saturday

    “I don’t know – that is the answer. We’ll see! We’ll have a squad capable of going out there and getting us a result. For me, we have to give ourselves a chance in the business end. That will be critical. Having Jordan Archer fully fit in February, March and April will be like having a new signing. I know there’s loads of clubs splashing the cash trying to find that number nine, we’ve got that in the building. Adding him to a Harry White, Ross Hannah and James Akintunde – and keeping them fit – will give us a good chance. I’ll be in a good position if those four are fit in the business end of the season.”